on 04 Dec 2019 5:46 PM
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SharePoint Online is a cloud-based service, hosted by Microsoft, which users simply access “as a service” rather than having all the architecture (and relating hardware) existing on their own premises. With SharePoint online, all the “back end” parts of SharePoint are looked after at Microsoft’s end. It helps organizations share and manage content, knowledge, and applications to:

  • Empower teamwork
  • Quickly find information
  • Seamlessly collaborate across the organization.

SharePoint (On Premise) is available as well. Preferable for enterprises that are obliged to store all the content on-premises due to strict compliance regulations and can afford ongoing investments to maintain a big server farm.

SharePoint online provide easy and powerful services for collaborations, integration support with existing on-premise systems or new development. It is mainly used to create both internal and external websites for business intelligence, document management and collaborating documents/files as well as to manage apps. SharePoint Online can bundle with Office or Office 365 for Business purpose for both small/big sized organizations.

SharePoint Online Features:

Responsive design with or without customization.

We can access our SharePoint online sites from any mobile phone or tablet with internet enabled in it. We can read and modify our lists/libraries, documents and other site contents using our device.

Enhanced Security Management.

For managing the permissions, SharePoint online permission is very much configurable and highly flexible at every level of detail required. Permissions inheritance, SharePoint roles, and SharePoint groups works together to control user’s access to site and its contents. There is provision for Managing contents securely to External users.

Browser Support

SharePoint Online provides great compatibility over various commonly used web browsers, including the latest Internet Explorer, Apple Safari, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

Change look and feel and Change Themes.

We can customize our team site very easily within few minutes. Background image, colors, site layout and fonts can be customized simply by using the available properties.

SharePoint online provides few pre-built themes which can help us to quickly apply colors and fonts to give the rich look to our team site.

Content Management.

Sync and share documents, Collaborate on documents with individuals both inside and outside of their organization. You can access content and information anywhere and from a multitude of devices. Control content lifecycle and versioning. Manage access permissions

Enterprise search and Custom Search.

SharePoint Online search has greatly improved the relevancy of search results, giving users a better chance at finding appropriate results. It is also more customizable than ever -- users now control the SPO search experience with powerful metadata driven results and filtering options.

Cloud app model (CAM)

The new Cloud App Model in SharePoint Online enables users to build apps for SharePoint by using familiar tools and a rich set of features. SharePoint Online in Office 365 now includes this new programming model for the development, installation, management and use of apps. With it, users can discover and download apps from the SharePoint Store, or from their organization's Corporate Catalog.

Easy integration with Office365

The ability to leverage Office 365 Groups, which deliver a means of group communication, is a solid alternative to popular messaging applications, such as Slack. The new workflow capabilities of Microsoft Flow feature code-free interaction with hundreds of third-party services such as Salesforce, Facebook, Twitter, OneDrive,

Embedding Power-BI reports to a SharePoint page – display charts, dashboards, reports, KPIs, etc. on your SharePoint site to make the information readily available to users. Additionally, the analysis/metrics tools are now available within the program instead of having to import them; so significant time is saved on importing data from other sources.