Customer is an IT start-up with a vision to develop an ecosystem which will handle every need related to tax filing for individual to corporates.


  • Market-place based platform to handle tax filing requirements of individuals and corporates
  • Mobile based platform for easy scanning and processing of financial documents by tax-payers
  • Backend systems for CA and Financial Accountants to handle the tax jobs in a seamless way
  • Needed referrals, promotion engines for accelerating platform user engagement and acquisition


  • Enwidth involved with the customer from the concept to go-live and post roll-out support.
  • Owning the IT landscape and assistance with setting up the backed operations for the start-up.
  • Product manager and UX designer from Enwidth assisted in elaboration of the concepts to detailed stories, wireframes and intuitive UX.
  • Development, deployment and quick roll-out of mobile application, document scanner SDK and web-applications to support the operation of Taxpayer’s, CA’s and financial accountants.
  • Development of Help Desk module and integration of developed systems with CRM engine


  • The developed platform allowed for the filing of individual and corporate tax in purely seamless and disconnected environment
  • Increase in the efficiency and productivity of CA by 2x leveraging the platform capabilities
  • Average 500 daily user acquisitions through signed-up user referrals during the first 30 days of release


Angular7, NodeJS, AWS, MongoDB, RedShift, GraphQL, ReactNative