Customer is an American nonprofit organization that operates radio networks broadcasting contemporary Christian music through a network of more than 415 radio stations across the United States. Customer operations are also supported by multiple mobile and web-based applications


Client wanted a mobile application to manage the prayer requests which are accumulated in thousands every day. With mobile application pastors/volunteers can pray for the prayer requests and also external users can submit the prayer. Also it was important to motivate the pastors/volunteers with statistical information of prayers they have performed.

EnWidth was asked to develop a mobile application which can be used by both internal and external users. Also it was important to develop single code base application targeting both iOS and Android for ease of maintenance.


  • Enwidth provided platform to submit the prayer for the user with ease.
  • EnWidth developed the mobile app using React Native targeting both iOS and Android with single code base.
  • EnWidth worked closed with customer to develop UI/UX for the mobile screens.
  • Both mobile app and their website are in sync.


  • Prayers are cleared off the queue as more number of user’s praying.
  • Pastors/volunteers are praying more as they can pray from the mobile app instead of opening website.
  • More number of users are submitting the prayer.
  • More number of external users are volunteering for the prayer requests.


React Native, JavaScript, Azure DevOps, REST API's