Customer is well-known advertising company who provides a fully integrated programmatic advertising Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) technology allowing advertisers to deliver highly targeted digital advertising at scale.


For mobile advertising , it should be an amalgamation of all the feature , and standards defined by IAB with some extra features to provide some add-on to the publishers.

EnWidth was asked to develop a mobile advertising SDK.Which should support all the display ads and should support all the video ad format present in the market.Also we were asked to give mechanism to give solution for viewability of the ads.


  • AD-SDK is developed in both the platform Android and iOS.
  • SDK supports each display like banner(320*50 and 320*250) and interstitial(Fullscreen).
  • SDK supports both MRAID and HTML ads in the display category.
  • SDK supports each VAST format till VAST 4.0 and fires each events standardized by IAB.
  • SDK supports localization on the video ad screen.
  • We have integrated viewability SDK(OM-SDK) to monetize the ads in the SDK.
  • We support all the measure brand for viewability and real time analytics like MOAT/IAS.. etc
  • SDK takes all the payloads standardized by IAB at the same time we take care of all the privacy constraints of the user.


Swift, Objective - C, Java, ProGuard,Google IMA plugin, VAST parser, MRAID parser, JSNI