The Customer is a leading North American supply chain solutions partner with more than 500 operating locations,14,500 associates, and 60,000 carriers. They have capabilities in freight management, warehouse and distribution centric support, last mile delivery, supply chain analytics and optimization, and more. They are uniquely positioned to help their customers reduce warehousing and transportation costs.


The Customer needed an application which would help them to manage all logistic service request from their clients on a single platform. The platform would need the data integrated with the clients ERP systems. The client data has details about PO, PO items, Site location, service timeline and expiry details etc. Using this information, the application to assign the vendors and partners and track and monitor the work progress in real time with other integrated platforms. The customer needed a solution that would have seamless and generic data integration with their clients data and to work with any ERP systems, data sources, data formats or data files.


Enwidth provided a solution to the customer by implementing Boomi Data Integration Platform. Using this platform, EnWiDTH has designed different integration process flows for each client as per their ERP systems, data formats and data frequency. The solution also included setting up standard folder structures for each client and use re-useable connectors for the source data extraction and target data upload.

  • ERP data formats and data field understanding for generic solution
  • Data integration process flow design
  • Data mapping development
  • Process Steps logging for debugging
  • Notification for process execution failure
  • Data validation and system integration testing
  • Live production support


By Implementing the solution, Enwidth helped the customer achieve the following

  • Easy onboarding of their customers to their application
  • One place data integration solution for their customers.
  • Easy to manage and support the live production
  • Cloud based ETL solution
  • Cost effective solution
  • Reporting and Logging is an now an easy job .


Boomi Data intergration Platform, Adata Server, Python Scripting, Postman, Oauth 2.0, REST API's